5 Best Dirt Bike Chain & Sprockets for Ninja Performance

Dirt bike chains and sprockets are wearable parts in a bike as they keep moving and eventually need replacement if maintenance doesn’t work. Inspecting a dirt bike chain is very important; you must take care.

A chain is a moving part that consists of several links connected with the sprocket to move your bike. These tiny links can be damaged or balanced out over time. Once you find rust or any damaged or worn link, replacing your dirt bike chain and sprocket is inevitable.

Sometimes just your chain needs to be replaced & sometimes sprocket too. Either way, you need to do it ASAP to ensure optimal performance of your dirt ninja! But you can’t just put a random chain or whatever you got on your dirt bike. Otherwise, you can’t expect a smooth power transmission due to its sub-optimal material or mediocre design.

Instead, you should invest in the best chains for dirt bikes and sprockets if it needs replacement. A quality dirt bike chain evenly transmits the power to the rear sprocket, ensuring superb riding. This drive system is as important as an engine is for your dirt bike.

We admit that finding the best dirt bike chain and sprockets isn’t a cup of tea as you have to pick it up from an ocean of options. It’s a time-consuming thing… But, with the help of our 07 best recommendations, you can save this time & get to the chain straightaway to install it and enjoy your future rides. Don’t forget to look at our selection guide with a few tips.

So, let’s get to the business!

05 Best Dirt bike Chains & Sprockets For Dirt Bikers in 2022

After scratching our heads for hours and putting days into testing, we are here with our best recommendations for the dirt bike chains and sprocket sets. You will get the maximum performance out there on the tracks when using any of these chains for dirt bikes.

DID 520DZ Gold 120 Link Non-O-Ring Chain

The Overview:

D.I.D. makes some of the most impressive chains in the world and focuses explicitly on Dirt bike chains. This makes them the best of all, so we’ve to put them in the very first spot. They have several chains in their fleet, including the 520DZ Gold chain. 520DZ is a lightweight chain mainly meant for off-roading.

Build Quality:

The chain comes packed with 7800 pounds of tensile strength which is fair enough for steel chains. You can expect a good life as this is what you want. This version is reasonably durable compared to its previous version, and you can put this on up to a 450cc dirt bike to make it work. It would work nicely if lubricated perfectly.

With the wear life index of 410, 520DZ smoothly works on tracks and doesn’t require frequent tightening to avoid damages that were the big issue in its predecessor. Like any other O ring chain, it would also require maintenance too. Cleaning and regular lubing would be enough. Other than that, it features outstanding wear resistance and strength.

Real-time Performance:

DID 520DZ chain fits most motocross and dirt bikes with ease of installation. It does come with a master link, but a chain breaker tool isn’t given here, so make sure you get a chain breaker to get things done. This round chain has 120 links, and the gold finish makes it look gorgeous, and they have considerably little friction.

The 520DZ chain features a gold color externally, but its inner sides are standard black, which is typical for nonsealed chains. Similarly, the SDH pins are integrated to ensure protection against anything that hits complex any of its links. You will get 120 links that you can simply break with a chain breaker once you get the required length.

The Good:
  • A regular economic chain
  • 7780 Pound of Tensile strength
  • Great chain for local trail riding
  • Lightweight & good wear resistance
The Bad:
  • Requires regular maintenance

Pro Taper 420MX Gold Chain

The Overview:

If you have got a mighty 04-stroke dirt bike or any motocross and you now want to replace your current chain with a lightweight one, Pro Taper is here to assist you with their 420 MX chain. You will get a maximum tensile strength of up to 4980 pounds and a high-quality chrome construction to ensure good longevity.

420MX chains are comparatively underpowering, designed for dirt bikes of up to 125cc. So, if you have a kid or any rider with a 125cc ninja, you can opt for this specific chain. 420MX by Pro Taper is a non-sealed chain, which is why they are inexpensive. Additionally, these chains are good to ride locally on the trails.

Build Quality:

This standard chain has up to 134 links; you will need to trim some of them to fit the chain nicely. The chain hardly weighs 2.5 pounds, but it still delivers good durability, thanks to its alloy steel build material. Worry not, as Pro Taper has coated the chain in gold color, so it will not rust with water or mud.

You must take care of it nicely to ensure a good life and a healthy performance. Pressure Wash the chain to clean it thoroughly, and don’t forget to lubricate its links. Also, adjust the links at least after 04 to 06 months if you aren’t a regular rider. To maintain a healthy chain cycle, you must do this with standard chains.

If you want to replace your chain and the sprocket, check whether the complete set is available here or not. The sprocket here is fantastic, and it comes packed with self-cleaning technology that lets you give minimal effort to put. It is machined in CNC, and heat treatment adds more strength to its core.

The Best:

  • A Durable & Machined Chain Set
  • CNC & Heat treated sprocket
  • Lightweight Gold Standard chain
  • Suitable for up to 125cc dirt bikes
  • Features 4980 Pound Tensile strength

The Bad:

  • Not ideal for extreme offroads

Renthal Chain and Sprocket Kit

The Overview:

Renthal has been so famous for making chains and sprocket sets that are lightweight and durable simultaneously. Depending on your needs, you can pick standard or sealed chains that’ll be lightweight or bulky. However, Renthal chains are always durable, designed to perform in harsh conditions and on off-roading trails.

Build Quality:

This Renthal chain sprocket set comes with a houseful box. The set contains a steel sprocket with an aluminum back sprocket and a mighty gold chain with complete protection against rust. The sprocket is nicely heat treated, and alloy steel takes the durability to the next level.

Similarly, the rear sprocket also features a good strength yet a lightweight design due to Aluminum. Both the rear and front sprockets are precisely machined on CNC so that they would fit your bike nicely. This, along with the chain, will make your trails pretty impressive.

Depending on the links and wear life index, the chain may give a tensile strength of 5500 to 7650 Pounds. On a 500cc dirt bike with the intention of off-road or trail racing, you are supposed to get 7644 pounds of tensile strength. But, it would not be a sealed or O-ring but a standard chain. Although it has a good life, you must maintain it too.

Some Renthal chain sets come with self-cleaning technology, which is the case in this sprocket. The sprocket set comes loaded with mud grooves but on its front sprocket only. Its rear sprocket and rest of the chain would still need to be cleaned once you get back from a muddy ride. Otherwise, you will soon need to replace this chain.

The Best:

  • A standard lightweight chain
  • Ideal for up to 500cc dirt bikes
  • Front Sprocket with mud grooves
  • Durable & Anti-Rust Gold design
  • The chain comes with a master link

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t fits all 500cc dirt bikes (Check if it fits yours)

RK Racing 520 SO120 O-Ring Chain

The Overview:

Another best-performing 520 chain will be the first sealed chain in this guide. RK Racing has been making such an impressive O-ring chain for years, and its performance in the hands of street dirt bikers has proven its success. This should be your choice if you want a maintainable O ring chain on a budget.

Build Quality:

SO120 is a 120-link standard length chain that fits most of the bike. You can trim the additional links if you need a short chain or simply get the chain with more than 120 links if you are looking for a longer chain. RK chains are mostly pressed fit, so they won’t cause issues during installation. It is not a gold chain but steel just to save some bucks if you maintain it.

It works and nicely fits mostly honda and some Kawasaki bikes as well. Ideally, the chain is designed for up to 400cc dirt bikes, but it can still work with 450cc bikes if you aren’t a hardcore rider. Otherwise, opt for the Renthal chain or wait for the next one if you want an O-ring chain.

The master link comes in a clip-type design, and you can break the chain with a breaker tool to remove extra links. It has a tensile strength of around 4500 pounds, and its overall construction is pretty solid. Although it is an O-ring chain, it doesn’t need a critical maintenance schedule. You still need to oil & clean it.

The Best:

  • A good tensile strength
  • Durable & requires less maintenance
  • Ideal for up to 400-450cc dirt bikes
  • Pre-stretched for a good longevity
  • O ring chain at a reasonable price

The Bad:

  • Masterlink is a bit tricky for some
  • Not a superb choice to ride in mud

Unibear 530 O-Ring Gold Chain

The Overview:

What if you are not an off-roader and want to replace your dirt bike but can’t find a matching choice? Worry not, as Unibear is here with its entire gold chain meant for street bikers and riders who don’t often ride extreme. Unibear’s gold 120 link chain is what you need. This lightweight chain fits Suzuki & many other bikes too.

Build Quality:

The riveted and sealed links enhance your bike’s performance to help you achieve the best possible ride without breaking into parts. But, it would only be suitable for general use without offroad or extreme racing. Ideally, it would be the best fit for 100 or 150cc dirt bikes. If you have a giant bike, you can still opt for it, but don’t go offroad. 

These chains feature a smooth power transmission between both wheels. The proper care and maintenance would increase its working life. Being a gold chain, this isn’t going to rust quickly, but you still need to clean it at least once a month. The pitch, material, and performance are pretty nice here for the price.

The Best:

  • Anti-rust & fair enough tensile strength
  • An excellent short term & regular use chain
  • Budget gold coated anti-rust chain
  • Works well with dirt bikes of up to 100cc

The Bad:

  • The master link isn’t up to mark here
  • It isn’t meant for off-road bikes

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Dirt Bike Chain & Sprockets

  1. How To Measure A Dirt Bike Chain?

Bike chains are usually measured in inches or 4/8, 5/8 of an inch. If you make it very simple, you can use a measuring tape, but that will not be accurate. Either way, you can use a caliper. Dirt bike chains are measured according to their series, like 420, 520 & 630, and standard sizes. The first digit (4 in 420 series) is the pitch, the second digit is the width, and the last digit represents the diameter of the roller.

The pitch is measured by measuring the distance between two pins (their centers precisely) in a link calculated in ⅛ of an inch, i.e., the 8th part of an inch. That’s usually 04 for a 420 model, and that’s how they measure a dirt bike chain. Check this detailed video here:

  1. What size dirt bike chain do I need?

If you have a dirt bike with less CC engine under 100cc or 50cc, you would need chains of 400 series. Most chains are 500 series as they fit the medium size bikes. But, if you are a next-level and professional biker, you would need 600 series chains as your bike chain should be capable of handling more horsepower.

  1. When to Replace a Dirt Bike chain?

If you don’t use your bike regularly, you still need to replace your dirt bike chain 1000 to 5000 miles depending upon the type of chain and the way it was used. Now, if you are an active rider, you should ideally change your dirt bike chain if it starts wearing or stretches out at a gap.

Type Of Dirt Bike Chain

  • X-ring dirt bike chain
  • O-ring dirt bike chain

Wrapping Up

Replacing your dirt bike chain with a new and better chain is no less than a challenge, significantly if you change its chain frequently. The reason is mediocre build quality or not picking the proper chain.

If you can’t get the high-end chain, there are still some budget options that we found and tested before it was brought on this guide. These limited yet unique dirt bike chain sets provide real value on the tracks. If you are still confused about your selection, let’s simplify it.
We recommend DID 520DZ Gold if you want a budget gold chain that works well. If budget isn’t an issue and you want the best out of your chain, Renthal Chain Sprocket Kit or RK 520 is what you should try. Unibear 530 is suitable for small dirt bikes or if you don’t go offroad.