Why these 08 are the Best Dirt Bike Grips for Riders

To get a great riding experience with your powerful dirt bike, you need to have good control of your machine. You might be taking care of everything from chain and lube to other parts and accessories that are very important. Sometimes, however, you forget the exclusive part a dirt biker has his hands on and it should be comfortable too as it may affect your overall experience. So, you need to have some of the best dirt bike grips on your throttles to get smooth riding.

If you are on an asphalt route, you might not need to worry as you don’t need them right away. However, the problem arises when you are on a muddy, wet or loose rocks track and you need to maneuver the bike with your hands. Now, if you have ever been into such a worse situation when you are about to lose control, you can relate to this.

So, getting the best dirt bike grip is inevitable. However, there are also some variations in these grips and everybody has their taste and preferences. Depending upon the size, pattern, level of comfort, thickness or slimness and durability. Every type has its pros and cons. Even riders prefer a specific type at one time to establish a better connection with their machines out there.

So, let’s explore the best dirt bike grips and then wait for our exclusive guide on how to change dirt bike grips with some actionable tips and frequently asked questions you must look at. Also, there is a detailed buying guide on why we picked these grips and how you should pick them along with the best grip types.

08 Best Dirt Bike Grips for Dirt Bikers in August 2022

  1. Pro Taper Pillow Twist Top Grip

The Overview:

The very best hand grips for dirt bikes is going to be from Pro Taper. Pro Taper is a mighty brand that has been producing quality dirt bike parts and accessories that we tested and like. Not just we, riders across the globe prefer their parts to get them on their dirt bikes.

In the range of grips, Pro Taper is doing something very amazing. This particular grip was launched back a decade ago. However, this is now one of the best-selling and best-performing dirt bike grips. Since its first launch, this grip has been upgraded several times in terms of durability and feel.

This is why it’s doing very well until now. Most motocross professionals prefer these grips for their bikes. If you guys have bigger hands and want some extra cushion, these guys are worth it. Pro taper grip features a pillow pattern on its surface which is a nice kind of pattern along with the plastic compound that Pro Taper is using in it.

You will get both the support and cushioning altogether. The grips are doing quite better than what’s already available in the market. Also, the installation isn’t a big deal. You’ll get to know how to install dirt bike grips (see it down).

The Verdict:

The best part of these grips; they feature a pillow cushion pattern that is way more comfortable and long lasting than many others. Pro Taper Pillow grip not just feels good, it also eliminates the excessive vibration. If you use them with a nice pair of gloves on your offroad, you’ll get an amazing performance out there. Thanks to its thickness and amazing support with the gloves.

These grips are easy to install and they can fit most bikes with little to no effort. The end caps protect your handlebars from getting mud in case you fall. There are a variety of colors that you can check out here. If you are looking to get durable, comfortable and supportive grips for dirt bikes, you should pick them. However, you need to avoid parking your bike in the sun if you don’t want to lose them sooner. The Anti RIP tips make it a self clean grip to clean mud.

The Good:

  • Vibrasonix Pillow Cushion Pattern
  • Comfortable compound bike grips
  • Self-cleaning but a bit thicker surface
  • Eliminates vibration and hand fatigue

The Bad:

  • It may not be best in hot summers
  • It Might run short on long handlebars
  1. Pro Taper Top Lite Grip – Pillow

The Overview:

Pro Taper once again with another grip that is again going to be a Pillow pattern. The Pro Taper kept their profile minimal and they are less in thickness without compromising support and cushioning at all. Compared to their siblings that we reviewed above, these grips feature quite less girth in terms of circumference and that’s why they look smaller than Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips.

Comparatively, this Top Lite Grip is quite tacky. Some bikers love it while others don’t prefer them. You can use them even without wearing gloves with a little compromised grip. But, they are less slippery. Anyways, you should always use gloves. The Pillow surface is just right because it isn’t extended much outwards.

Get these Here: Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip

The Verdict:

We like these grips as I’m not a guy with large hands and they provide me better control on my bike compared to fully cushioned and thick grips. This is the only noticeable difference between these two grips and if you are of my kind with little hands or if you need better control, you should pick these grips instead.

Top Lite Grip of Pro Taper works very well with the two stroke bikes compared to four strokes. The reason is they are usually smaller engines allowing these grips to deal better with the vibrations. Better use them with Under 100 cc bikes to get an awesome grip. Its cushion pattern gives good support and also comes packed with additional comfort. The low profile design eliminates hand fatigue for a long time. However, they aren’t the best grips for super tough mountainous tracks. They are best for asphalt, mud, gravel and adventurous off-road tracks.

The Good:

  • Ideal for small to medium dirt bikes
  • Less vibration with solid feel and comfort
  • Good for offroad and mud dirt bike tracks
  • Fits all standard and bigger dirt bikes
  • Tacky grips with a supportive surface

The Bad:

  • Not good at extreme kinds of rocky tracks
  • A little bit tricky to install but a less lifespan

The Overview:

If you are having a tough time installing dirt bike grips, we have got you with the ODI V2 MX grips that come in a half waffle pattern. These are lock-on grips, which feature a collar mechanism at one or both ends of the grip so it won’t slide back. V2 MX is light and safe. If you don’t mind investing in a grip that hardly takes 10 minutes to install without any glue or tape, ODI’s V2 is what you all need.

The grip features a plastic sleeve with a half waffle pattern engraved on it. Now, the pattern is nothing in front of a diamond grip, but it is still soft enough to provide good support to your palm area. Other than its ease of installation, what I like is its thinnest profile I’ve ever tested. Believe me, these grips work very very well with my small hands on my 85cc honda.

The Verdict:

V2 MX by ODI is the easiest to install dirt bike grip right now. It is a snug fit and you might need a wrench or an Allen key to tight this thing up. All you need to do is to clean your handlebar, start putting it on the handlebar and twist it a little until it reaches the position where you want. Now, tighten that screw and that’s it.

However, there is still room for improvement in the vibration department for slightly large dirt bikes out there. Also, ODI never fails to amaze bikers with amazing color combinations. You’ll get to see 09 amazing colors and you can pick from them as per your bike’s color and preferences.

Oftentimes, when you get a thin grip in order to feel the power and get the best control, you probably compromise on its durability and vibration dampening. Luckily, ODI has tackled everything pretty nicely so it won’t tear apart easily.

The Good:

  • A softer and a durable bike grip
  • The thinnest compound grip
  • Easiest to install lock-on grip
  • Slip free grip with a throttle tube

The Bad:

  • Durability could be better for the price
  • Waffle isn’t a popular grip anymore

The Overview:

Here we go with another great soft compound grip. This time Renthal is in the game with their first masterpiece of grips for dirt bikers. If you want the simplest thing with not much variation, this rubber grip is gonna be your best boy for the bike. These are single compound grips that come with up to 3 different patterns. But its diamond pattern works perfectly in terms of durability and vibration.

Renthal G091 features a tacky surface so it won’t slip and smoothly fits most of the handlebars. Design wise, these grips are meant to work both in winters and summers due to their tacky feel and their single compound. The nature of the grip may vary on your particular selection, however, it has a nice firm grip you should pick. G091 is also a thin grip to provide a better feel and control of your bike.

The Verdict:

A durable and thin grip is what an adventurer dirt biker dreams of! If you like ODI’s V2 due to its thin profile but you don’t like either its price or waffle pattern, G091 by Renthal is going to be a great, economical and thinnest alternative to it. These grips feature a nice and comfortable feel but they’re best in terms of vibration especially if you are on a rocky track with your over 150cc dirt bike.

For mud off road tracks and under 100cc dirt bikes, these grips still give a great feel and performance. The firm compound of these grips nicely enhances both their strength and practicality. And, its diamond pattern brings a nice comfort to your rides. The installation isn’t a big deal as such but you will need glue or tape. However, it is a tight grip that doesn’t come off and they don’t quickly wear out.

The Good:

  • All-weathers diamond firm grip
  • Enhanced strength and feel
  • Comfortable and fatigue-less grips
  • Tight and one of the thinnest grips
  • Tacky, anti-slip and tear resistant

The Bad:

  • Vibration damping isn’t up to mark
  • Won’t recommend rocky tracks

The Overview:

Scott Sports grips were not that famous for a while. But, with the launch of SX II and a few other grips, this brand has seen a positive response from bikers just due to these impressive grips. SX II is one of the nicest grips ever launched by Scott sports originally back in 2011. Since then, these grips have been updated several times in a row until now. This firm diamond grip is for handlebars of up to 08”.

It is a soft rubber compound grip that features a soft dual density diamond pattern that looks so nice in terms of appearance and feels so good in hands. The pattern feels comfortable and it is of less thickness so you will get a sophisticated feel when riding the bike and get good control of your bike.

The Verdict:

SX II is a sticky grips pair and they’re not self cleaning. If you are not a big fan of tacky grips, you should get ODI’s V2 waffle grips instead. So, if you often offroad your bike in mud and gravel, better opt for the gray and black colors. Otherwise, it is a great pair of grips if you prefer control, feel and comfort with that. If you use them with a nice pair of gloves, you can bypass their tackiness.

The grips are overall tear resistant and durable enough for the price. Installation is also not a big deal and it won’t need a lot of effort. Its diamond texture provides a soft feel by eliminating arm fatigue when you are on a long route. They are the best fits for most handlebars but not a good choice for all-weather grips. Overall, they are worth it and perform impressively.

The Good:

  • Easy to install and fits nicely
  • Less fatigue and a less thickness
  • Anti-tear dirt bike grips with a soft feel
  • Features a great control with tacky grips

The Bad:

  • The tackiness isn’t the best one here
  • Vibration could be a bit more improved

The Overview:

ODI Rogue is the next guy on this detailed list of dirt bike grips and this is the only grip which is meant both for two and four stroke dirt bikes. It is another Lock-On grip which is going to be a nice suit for everyone looking to get easy to install grips. There is only black color available for now, but it is a universal color which is going to look very nice on bikes of any color and size.

Due to a lock-on grip for 2 and 4 stroke bikes, ODI doesn’t integrate added cushioning as it unnecessarily increases the weight. Sometimes you even need to face sub-optimal control if that grip is of a mediocre kind. Here, however, ODI features a thin grips pair so you won’t compromise any of its comfort and control. The grip is slip-free and you don’t even need to get glue or tape for installing it!

The Verdict:

Like father like son, it fits almost all major bike brands without any doubt. It will still fit even If you have an aftermarket handlebar so you won’t need to look somewhere else. There is a cam that comes in its box which is kind of common for most bikes. Both its throttle and the left grip fit and sit the handlebars nicely. You just need to fix the screw with an Allen key that too comes in its box.

The size is standard almost for all bikes. It works nicely if you have short or average hands. Large guys may feel uncomfortable on long rides but it depends pretty much on the rider too. Whether they like it or not! Anyways, the end cap is sealed so no mud can enter inside the handlebars in case you fall. Yes, the grips aren’t self-cleaning so you would need to get some time to clean them nicely.

Overall, these are nice and easy to install lock-off dirt bike grips that never come off. The grip itself is comfortable and it features a traditional pattern near to diamond feel. Build quality of this set is just fine and it can be used in all weathers. Moreover, these work fine both on 2 and 4 stroke engines in terms of vibration.

The Good:

  • Easy to install and lock Off grips
  • Comfortable yet traditional pattern
  • Vibration damping and durable grips
  • Comes with all standard cams for fitting

The Bad:

  • Not the self-cleaning grips

The Overview:

Renthal with its second dual compound dirt bike grips featuring half waffle design for main colors. The grip comes with up to 09 standard colors and they all look pretty adorable that you can choose from as per your likes and dislikes. It is an 08-inch compound grips pair that comes with a thin body without any added cushioning. This ensures good control and a very nice performance for your bike.

All these grips are mostly made up of rubber compounds as they last long and feel good compared to plastic ones. So, Renthal is returning a good bang for your bucks. Furthermore, all these grips are tacky. But you can use them almost in all weathers and these grips won’t distort.

The Verdict:

This pair of grips fit most of the dirt bikes and installing them isn’t a big deal. Although the lifespan of these grips isn’t much good, still you can get the most out of them in terms of feel, comfort and control. If you want to have it for the best possible timespan, avoid parking your bike with it, in hot summers under the sun.

The base material is a bit hard but its overall feel is still soft and that is why it’s still comfortable and supportive. Although it is not a self-cleaning grips pair officially, it still doesn’t attract a lot of mud. You can easily clean them with water to get rid of any mud particles. The tackiness is also long lasting and vibration damping is also just fine. It would be a great match for the bikes with twist throttling.

The Good:

  • A standard size and a nice fit
  • Comfortable and smooth
  • Easy to install and cleanable
  • Good support and damping

The Bad:

  • Light color catches mud quickly 

The Overview:

KTM’s exclusive closed hand grips are on this list that we can’t live without. The list would be incomplete without this KTM grip as KTM has made it successful in a short period and with quick upgrades. KTM’s this grips pair is going to be the third Lock-On set that you would love. From fitting to installation and using to a replacement, everything is just fine and awesome here to be very honest.

These grips fit every handlebar under a thickness of 22 to 28mm. The grips have a diameter of around 30mm, while their length is around 9 inches. Currently, the set is available only in Black and Orange color but it looks damn cute. Alongside, these guys come with 3 different cams so you won’t face any trouble in installation. However, you might need to get an Allen key if that doesn’t come right in the box.

The Verdict:

Design-wise, it fits all major bikes and works well with dirt bikes of over 50cc and under 200cc. Although you can use them for 450cc even, that may not necessarily feel better in terms of vibration damping. The comfort however does feel good and it couldn’t be even better. So full marks for its fit, comfort and feel.

Just like many other grips on the list, it is also a tacky grip set. The pair is completely anti-slip as both its sleeves are in a great fit that doesn’t let it get back. The build quality however could be comparatively better for the price it’s being offered. Anyways, it suits well with two and four strokes both!

Another Robust Alternative: KTM PowerParts Compound Grip

The Good:

  • Comfortable and anti-slip grips
  • An impressive vibration damping
  • A sophisticated feel and support
  • With a Hard base but a softer surface

The Bad:

  • Build quality could be more optimized

Best Types of Dirt Bike Grip | A Quick Buying Guide

Well, choosing the best of its kind isn’t rocket science. However, let’s get to the most important things that we considered while making this list and what you should look at in order to get the best grip out there!

  • Size & Fitting

When it comes to grip size and fitting, you need to mainly focus on the diameter of your handlebars, your hand size and the length of that grip. Generally, we omit the length because it’s likely to be standard in most cases. So, prefer the first two things only. The handlebars are mostly under 20 to 30mm in thickness.

This is the variation for custom dirt bike handles, but most would be under 22 to 28mm to be specific. You can measure that out with a measuring tape or even a vernier caliper, but you don’t need to be a mathematician as it’s not needed here. 

Similar goes for the diameter of your potential dirt bike grips. They’re likely to be under the same range and they are mostly standard. You don’t need to worry unless you have a custom handlebar and that too isn’t a big deal. Grips are often 1 to 3mm shorter than handlebars, so they can snug fit nicely.

For your hands, if you are short and average hands, you should get multi-density soft compound grips. These grips are generally more comfortable without any added cushioning providing a better gripping experience for prospects.

  • Patterns & Comfort

Other than the sizing, the next thing you should focus on is the comfort which sometimes depends on the patterns too. Imagine getting a gripping pair with the right size but uncomfortable surface, would you even use it? Never! So, you can’t neglect this part. There are some variations even in this thing as well.

If you have a large bike and your hands are big too, you would need better control of your bike along with comfort. In that case, waffle patterns are good either half or full. If you opt for a full waffle, it might come with a self-cleaning thing. But, half waffle patterns are generally good in vibration damping.

However, grips with any kind of waffle pattern are often thick. Here, if you need the truly thinnest grip patterns for your average hands, you should get diamond pattern grips. They provide great control but it might not be the best if you are riding on a stormy day as you might compromise some control. However, if you have a good pair of gloves, you don’t need to worry at all! Otherwise, Pillow-Top Patterns are very good in these situations and they are mostly self cleaning.

How To Change Dirt Bike Grips in 15 Minutes

As promised, let’s take a quick look at how you should be installing your dirt bike grips with little or no effort.

How To Remove Dirt Bike Grips

In order to add new grips on your dirt bikes, you first need to remove the existing ones that are already installed. For that, there are several methods.


The first being is to add some WD-40 to its one end and start pulling the grip. If it’s applied for a long time, you might need to twist it as well so it can come out. You can also use any detergent instead of WD40 as lubrication. If it’s too hard, you may now need to put a flat screwdriver to one of its ends and then start pulling it.


If nothing works, you can simply cut that grip with any paper cutter with a solid blade. However, it will destroy the grip and you won’t be able to use it anywhere else. So, keep this method as the last solution only.


This, however, is a method to use for Lock-On Grip sets only. These are fairly easy to install. You simply need to unscrew the cam with an Allen key and just start pulling it back so it will be withdrawn.

If you are putting a Lock-On Grip, you need to do the opposite. Put the grip on the handlebar and start pushing it (gentle pushing+twisting). Now, take that Allen key from the box and start tightening it.

How To Put Grips On A Dirt Bike


Putting grips is also not a big deal once you’ve taken them off. First, start by applying a layer of cleaner (could be anything from WD40, detergent cleaner, or chain cleaner even) and wipe them off until you see a smooth surface of your handlebar.


Unwrap your grips pack and put any of these two grips first. However, make sure you are putting both in their positions. The throttle grip would be a bit wider than the other if it’s a slip-on grip. And, it would contain a sleeve in case of a Lock-On grip. Put them on their respective sides and now start pulling them.

Depending upon the type you picked, you might need grip glue or grip tape in order to lessen the friction and smoothen the process. Apply any of these things on your handlebars, push your grips over it and that’s it.

See this Video Below for Further Explaination:


Best Dirt Bike Grips Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I use Grip Glue For Dirt Bikes?

If your grips are prone to slip or come off, you can use grip glue to stick them to your dirt bike handlebar. Grip glue keeps your grips attached to your handlebars. However, they are mostly quick action, so be prepared to set your grips back before the glue dries out.

  • Are All Dirt Bike Grips The Same Size?

Dirt bike grips are generally the same size but there are some factors too. Typical grips come with a standard size for their internal that is about 22 to 28mm, so they can sit most of the handlebars. Unless you have installed a custom handlebar, you are more likely to fit any grip on any handlebar.

  • How Long Do The Dirt Bike Grips Last? When should I change them?

Well, it depends! It depends on the brand you opted for, the material they used, the design you picked and the way you use it. Typically, Dirt bike grips are supposed to last for over 1000 miles and even a year. Most Renthal and Pro Taper dirt bike grips can last at least for a season and more than 05-06 months.

  • Can I use WD40 to install dirt bike grips?

Yes, you can use WD40 to install dirt bike grips and they work completely fine. You can use them to remove your dirt bike grips so the removal could be easier. Similarly, it can also be used in order to put your grips on. First, spray it on your handlebar and it will clean it, now, spray it lightly inside your grips so it can fit in!

  • Are there any heated grips for the dirt bikes?

Heated dirt bike grips are also available in the market as they are very impressive to provide comfortable riding even in winters. However, heated grips consume more amps and they are usually expensive. The best would be to get a grip set with a diamond or pillow pattern and a nice pair of dirt bike gloves for winters.

Wrapping Up

The grip is one of the most prominent things that a dirt bike has to use on every single ride. It should be the best of its kind. There are many Best dirt bike grips in the market, but we’ve filtered and reviewed tested grips in particular. Whenever your bike falls, the grip is the first thing that touches the ground and mud and it gets dirty too. Here self cleaning grips are best and Pro Taper Pillow Twist Top Grip is a goat.

If you are an extreme dirt bike who travels long routes, you must be riding your bike for a long time. Here, you might be facing hand fatigue and you need comfort too. In that case, Renthal G091 and Scott Sports SX II are the best grips in terms of eliminating hand fatigue and vibration. Later, ODI Half Waffle V2, ODI Rogue and KTM Closed Hand Grips are the best grips that are easy to install and durable.

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