Can You Ride A Dirt Bike On Water?

Dirt bikes are specifically designed to endure tough conditions and the roughest terrains. You might have enjoyed the experience of riding a dirt bike on harsh tracks. 

But have you ever wondered, if you can ride these bikes on water? What if I told you that it can be done? 

Well, let’s break down this thrilling experience for you!

Yes, you can ride your dirt bike on water, it requires enough skill and the right equipment to maintain higher speed throughout the water. 

Although these bikes can get through the water, preferably shouldn’t stay wet for an extended duration as it can cause severe damage to the bike’s engine and electrical components 

How Can We Ride These Bikes through Water?

1- Make Sure Your Bike is Well Maintained and Prepared:

To achieve the highest performance of the bike you’ll definitely need to maintain it beforehand! 

  • Take an overall view of the bike’s parts. Are the nut bolts screwed properly? Is the air filter clean? Check out the brakes, clutch, shift levers, chain lubes, and tire pressure.
  •  Tape up the airbox to prevent water from ending up in it.
  • Fit the additional bike equipment such as water skis, rear paddle tire, and a 2-stroke engine.

2- Starting with a higher speed:

Let’s begin with the first step!

To ride the bike on the water firstly you’ll need to achieve high speeds as water repels the bike’s speed and it becomes slower on water. This can be done by riding the bike from a wider distance with more speeds and then transitioning onto the water. 

3-  Balancing the Bike: 

Balancing the dirt bike is crucial when it comes to riding a dirt bike on water else you’ll end up getting immersed in water. 

4- Maintaining the Speed:

The foremost important part of riding these bikes on the water is maintaining the optimum speed. 

Now, there’s no hard and fast rule of how fast or slow it should be. Many riders make the mistake of riding too fast or too slow.

Lower speed means less momentum which will eventually end up your bike getting drowned in the water. 

Meanwhile, too high speed can also lead to the bike sinking in the water as well as the rider won’t be able to manage the momentum and end up being drowned in water.

What To Do If Your Bike is Drowned!

While riding the bike onto the water the worsts that could happen is your bike getting submerged in the water. This can lead to potential damage if the bike stays wet for a longer duration.

If your bike gets submerged in the water following are the possible step that you can take to restore it!

  • Turn the engine off immediately as water enters the engine.
  • Get on Dry Land- The primary important step is to pull your bike out of the water on dry land to avoid any further damage.

How can you fix a Drowned Bike?

After turning the engine off and you’ll need to take out the bike from the water quickly, Don’t stay inside it for a longer period, also don’t turn the engine “ON” either.

Here’s the list of possible steps you can take to restore your drowned bike.

  • Check the air filter- if it’s wet there are chances that water has entered the cylinder.
  • Pull the spark plug out.
  • Remove the seat, air filter, and chain to drain the water out.
  • Kickstart the bike to spill off the water.
  • Raise the bike upside down on its tail and jerk it so the remaining water comes out.
  • Drain out the water from the exhaust as well
  • Once again, make sure that the remaining water has left the exhaust and the air filter  
  • Restart the bike’s engine once you’re done with taking all the water out of the engine.

Final Thoughts

You might get surprised by the idea of riding dirt bikes on water. Well, yes it is possible. However, you should take into consideration that the riders who’ve successfully achieved this milestone are professional who own modified and customized bikes. 

Not everyone can tackle these bikes on the water as there are high chances that you can end up drowning in the water. But riding these bikes on water is definitely doable.


Q: Are dirt bikes waterproof?

Dirt bikes are prone to rough conditions and rainy weather. Water doesn’t cause any damage to the bike’s engine as long as it drains over it. If the bike stays wet for too long it can cause mechanical and superficial damage.

Q: Does a dirt bike move on water?

The dirt bike doesn’t move on the water itself rather it floats with the help of modified equipment. The ordinary bike can’t move on water certain modifications makes it possible to ride the bike on water

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