Why Do You Need Insurance for a Dirt Bike?

Yes, you definitely need dirt bike insurance to ensure that when you crash your bike or collide with someone, you don’t have to pay from your pocket. With dirt bikes, accidents are inevitable and insurance will help you with the coverage to pay the bills.

What is the category for dirt bike insurance?

For insurance of your dirt bike, you have to consider it under the category of motorcycles. That’s why companies will offer you dirt bike insurance according to the motorcycle insurance policy. 

However, the insurance coverage for dirt bikes is cheaper than for motorbikes because

  • Dirt bikes are less expensive.
  • They are less powerful than street bikes.
  • They are not meant for public streets.

What does dirt bike insurance cover?

If you get a basic dirt bike insurance plan with minimum liability coverage then it will cost you around $6 to $10 per month or $75 to $100 per year. While if you go for full coverage, it will be around $15 to $40 per month or around $200 to $500 per year.

Depending upon the type of liability you choose, it will cover the following expenditures.

1: Medical expenses liability

It covers the medical bills of a person that gets injured during a collision while you were riding a dirt bike. Medical expenses or bodily injury liability will cover lost wages and other expenses of a person who gets injured due to your negligence.

2: Collision Coverage

To cover the expenses of your dirt bike after a hit or crash, the collision coverage liability will cover the cost of damage for you. This insurance policy will cover the cost of damage to your dirt bike and is not applicable to other people’s property or injury.

3: Personal injury protection

Medical payment or personal injury protection will cover your medical bills in case of an accident. It will also cover the medical bills of your passenger regardless of who was at fault.

4: Property damage

This liability will cover the cost of damage to someone else’s property due to your hit. In case of an accident when you were riding your dirt bike and hit someone else’s vehicle, fence, or any other belongings then property damage liability will cover the cost of replacement or repair.

5: Comprehensive coverage

It will help to cover the cost of non-accidental damage like theft, fire, and weather incidents.

6: Underinsured coverage

This coverage will help to cover the cost of damage caused by another driver who does not have insurance.

Factors that determine the cost of dirt bike insurance

Dirt bike insurance depends on the state you live. Like in New Jersey, you must insure ATVs including dirt bikes to drive them on public roads. Also if you have a low-speed dirt bike that is not street legal, you still need its insurance as proof to be used in areas like commercial properties.

The cost of dirt bike insurance varies depending upon

  • Rider’s age and location
  • The type of dirt bike
  • Rider’s experience and driving history
  • How often they are in use
  • The type of coverage a rider needs.

Some other factors that determine the value of your dirt bike insurance are

Dirt bike value:

Expensive dirt bikes cost more to repair or replace. That’s why your insurance company will charge more to cover the damage.

Crash history: 

Dirt bike models with high accident rate a relatively associated with high liability costs.

Safety features:

Additional safety features like anti-lock brakes make dirt bikes a low-risk road machine. Therefore, insurers consider them eligible for low insurance premiums. 

Security considerations:

Living in a theft-prone neighborhood will increase your bike’s insurance rate as an insecure neighborhood means more theft probabilities.

Top 5 companies offering Dirt bike coverage

Here are the top 5 that cover your dirt bike liabilities.

Companies Full Coverage


Minimum Coverage/ month Pros Cons
Progressive $76 $17 Includes full replacement cost coverage Expensive 
Geico $54 $10 Offers great plans for riders on a tight budget Do not give enough medical coverage
Allstate $68 $14 Offer multiple discounts, trailer insurance, and Gap coverage  Costly
Harley Davidson N/A $12 Best for new riders Coverage is available in DC, HI, and AK
Foremost N/A N/A Best coverage offers for day track riders Policies are not available online

How can you lower the insurance cost?

Consider the following factors to bargain for reasonable premium deductions and lower your insurance cost.

  • Install functional and reliable security components to ensure that you put your effort to lessen the underlying risks.
  • Those who have completed motorcycle safety courses can lower their premiums by showing how responsible riders they are.
  • Young riders with a history of traffic violations or accidents will have their premiums much higher than those with safer and better riding experiences.
  • If you go for a higher deductible then it will lower your premiums. Though in case of any accident or claim, you have to pay from your pocket.
  • Maintain a lower riding mileage to show that you are a modest and safe rider who is less likely to engage in accidents.
  • You can also save your pocket by acquiring a multi-policy and by paying in full.

Tips to Choose the Right Dirt Bike Insurance Policy

While choosing a dirt bike insurance policy, go for the one compatible with your budget and fulfill your needs. Therefore, keep in mind that 

Do some research:

Research different reliable companies and find one with a better policy and a good reputation for customer handling.

Consider your budget:

Choose the policy that fits in with the amount you can easily pay and go for a deductible that works for you. The more premium you pick, costly the insurance fee will become. 

Get the right coverage:

Theft, collision, and injury are the most specific type of events to cover. You can go for the coverage that concerns you the most.

Pros and Cons of Dirt Bike Insurance


  • The insured dirt bike brings peace of mind with lesser worries about the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Covers the cost of repair and replacement. Protect you from expensive lawsuits and claims in the case of damage or injuries caused by you.


  • Dirt bike coverage can b expensive.
  • Some dirt bike insurance policies offer minimum coverage.
  • They come with high deductibles.

Frequently Asked Questions | Do You Need Insurance for a Dirt Bike?

1: How Common Are Dirt Bike Accidents?

According to a study, there were 500,000 dirt bike accidents during the four years of 2001 to 2004. In 2019, almost 4733 off-road accidents occurred. 

2: What does insurance cover on a dirt bike?

Collision coverage will pay for the repair and replacement of your bike while comprehensive liability will cover damages like theft, vandalism, hit by an animal, and the damage caused by weather incidents too.

3: Are dirt bikes covered by homeowners insurance?

No, your dirt bike damages will not be covered by homeowner insurance. Whether it’s a motorbike, ATV, or dirt bike, you will need a separate insurance policy.

4: Is Motocross Racing Insurance Different Than Track Insurance?

Yes, motocross racing insurance is different than track insurance in terms of coverage. Motorcross liability will cover the riders who compete in rough and challenging terrain while track insurance policy covers riders taking challenges on prepared and groomed courses.


Accidents are inevitable and can cause a huge impact on your pockets. Therefore, though dirt bike insurance is not compulsory, you still need it.  Regardless of the state that you live in, dirt bike insurance is necessary to save you from paying a hefty amount of liabilities. 

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