How Fast is a 150cc Dirt Bike in MPH? Dirt Bikes Action

The speed potential of 150cc dirt bikes varies due to bike and rider weight, terrain type, and wind resistance. However, the average speed of a 150cc dirt bike is 50-70 mph. With proper maintenance and certain modifications, the speed of a 150cc dirt bike can reach up to 75-85 mph.

Factors affecting the speed of the 150cc dirt bike

Achieving the maximum speed depends on human factors like the rider’s age, weight, and experience.

  • Rider’s Age 

Although children under 10-14 years old can handle 150cc dirt bikes, depending on their weight, physical strength, and stature, the ideal age to drive a powerful motorcycle, like 150cc, is 14 years.

  • Rider’s Weight 

Unnecessary weight slows down the bike’s speed. The heavier the rider is, the slower the bike will be.

The average weight of a 150cc dirt bike ranges from 36-92 kgs. A person with lighter weight or below the age of 14 can handle 80cc-110cc dirt bikes, while those who are heavier or more experienced can ride 150cc and above dirt bikes.

  • Engine Type

The medium-sized engine of a 150cc dirt bike is almost equivalent to one deciliter (dI) or one-tenth of a litre and provides plenty of power to the dirt bike. However, the power output varies depending on the different models.

2-stroke engine Vs. 4- stroke engine

  • In a 2-stroke engine, the combustion process occurs in two steps, giving an instant surge of power, and it offers more torque at higher RPMs. However, they have less traction, and it isn’t easy to control them at high-speed.
  • A 150cc dirt bike with a 4-stroke engine is heavier, more stable on track, and reliable for putting down the power during situations like stopping the bike on hills.

Associated customization

Associated customization of a dirt bike by keeping it high in power and light in weight will add up extra acceleration to boost the speed.

  • Seat height

The dirt bikes with higher seats have more suspensions and aggressive riding positions. The type of bike’s suspension system and its shock absorption capacity is another essential factor that determines the speed of a 150cc dirt bike.

  • Tire pressure

The tires, if too hard or too soft, adversely affect the bike’s grip on the surface. Hence the speed of the bike is also affected. Therefore, on a smoother surface, the tire pressure for a 150cc dirt bike should be around 15-18 psi, while on hard ground, it should be 30-32 psi.

  • Wheel size

Larger wheels make bikes taller and handle more enormous obstacles, thus increasing ground clearance and improving the bike’s speed.

  • Cooling system

Dirt bikes are liquid-cooled, and the better cooling system directly affects the speed of a 150cc dirt bike.

Here are the top 150cc dirt bikes with their weight in kgs, engine type, and speed comparison:

Bike Weight (KG) Engine type Speed
Honda CRF150R 84kg 4-stroke 55-65 mph
Kawasaki KLX150 99kg 4-stroke 50-60 mph
Husqvarna TE150 92kg 2-stroke 60-65 mph

Bike’s model

A dirt bike, when finely built, can deliver better performance in terms of speed and stability. While some top dirt bike brands prefer safety and comfort over aggressive speed, others focus on more speed and better automobile performance. Therefore, they have more speed limits on their dirt bikes.

Best 150cc dirt bikes Speeds & Specs Comparison

Dirt Bike Curb Weight (lbs) Torque Horse Power Seat Height Fuel Capacity Top Speed
Kawasaki KLX150 249.1 lb 7.4 lb-ft  10.30 hp  32.7 in 1.85 gals 115 mph
Husqvarna TE 150 232 lb 17.6 lb.-ft.  30.8 hp  37.3 in 2.25 gals 60 mph
KTM 144SX 218.2 lb 19.77 lb-ft 40 hp 36.4 in 2 gals 73-80 mph
Honda CRF150F 216 lb 10.03 lb-ft 20+ hp 32.5 in 1.9 gals 50 mph
Husqvarna TE150i 232 lb 17.6 lb.-ft 30.8 hp 37.4 in 2.2 gals 60 mph
KTM 150SX 192.2 lb 19.77 lb-ft 40 hp 38.8 in 2 gals 60-70 mph
TM MX144 183 lb N/A 40 hp 39 in 2.51 gals 60 mph
KTM 150XC 213 lb N/A 20+ hp 38.8 in 2.37 gals 70-75 mph
Honda CRF150R 185 lb 10.4 lb-ft 23.47 hp 32.8 in 1.14 gals 59 mph
KTM 150XCW 201.7 lb N/A 20+ hp 37.8 in 2.5 gals 70-75 mph

How to improve the speed of a 150cc dirt bike?

  • Perfect tuning of the bike’s engine provides excellent speed and power.
  • Modify the dirt bike’s carburetor to optimise air and gas mixing to enhance its speed.
  • Install a bigger engine that will increase the bike’s speed.
  • By adding a performance exhaust, the riders can optimise air and gas flow through engine pathways, enhancing the bike’s power and speed.
  • By cleaning the air filters, the oxygen reaches smoothly to the engine allowing it to generate more power and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions | How Fast is a 150cc Dirt Bike

  • Which 150cc dirt bike is the fastest?

Kawasaki KLM150, with its aggressive engine and low-end torque, is the fastest 150cc dirt bike & Honda CRF150R is the runner-up.

  • How fast is a 150cc dirt bike in kph and mph?

A 150cc dirt bike is lightweight with a powerful engine and can go up to 118 kph or 50-60 mph. The speed varies according to customization and type of brand.

  • Which 150cc bike has the best clutch?

Honda CRF150R and KTM 150 SX comprise the best clutch. These bikes offer smooth gear shifting and perform well even at low speeds. Dirt bikes include wet clutches bathed in engine oil; dry clutches are noisier with a lesser life span.

  • Which dirt bike has the best brakes?

The KTM 150 XC, Honda CRF 150 R, and Husqvarna TE 150 have the most potent, smooth, and instant brakes. The Honda CRF150R uses single discs, while the Husqvarna TE 150 uses a Hydraulic disc at the front and rear. The KTM 150 XC, on the other hand, uses a four-piston single-disc brake on the front and a two-piston single-disc brake at the back.

  • How much horsepower does a 150cc dirt bike have?

Traditional 150cc dirt bikes have 8-12 hp, while some advanced models reach up to 16 hp. The amount of horsepower is specified according to the dirt bike’s size, age, and model, as some advanced dirt bikes have more hp than older ones.

  • How fast is a 4-stroke 150cc dirt bike?

A 4-stroke 150cc dirt bike can go up to 70 mph as it delivers higher speed and powerful traction. Acquiring this speed requires practice and dedication to maintain balance and sustainability.


Dirt bikes are not for the faint of heart but are the perfect choice for thrill lovers, and they come in comprehensive options depending upon the rider’s experience, selection, height, and weight. However, certain factors like personal demography, brand type, bike maintenance routine, and track layout determine how fast a 150cc dirt bike can go.

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