How Fast is a 250CC Dirt Bike on the Routes?

Speed is one of the reasons why riding a dirt bike can be an exhilarating experience. And for speed enthusiasts to ride a powerful and lightning-fast dirt bike like a 250cc, the question remains: how fast can a 250cc dirt bike go? And the one-line answer is it can go as fast as up to 85 mph.

Hey, don’t get back; The Party is not over yet!

You need to look into many more things rather than just mph numbers.

If you are starting, understanding a dirt bike’s capabilities can help you better enjoy the ride, push your limits safely, and get before the clock. In this post, we’ll explore the top speeds, torque, horsepower, engine type, and the other factors contributing to a 250cc dirt bike’s speed.

So, rev up your engines and join us on this thrilling ride to uncover the detailed and logical answer to your question: how fast is a 250cc dirt bike?

What’s the Average Speed of a 250cc Dirt Bike?

The Average speed of a 250cc dirt bike is between 70 mph to 85 mph. One of the fastest 250cc bikes, Kawasaki KX 250 X, has a max speed of 85 mph.”

Nevertheless, these bikes aren’t categorically designed for attaining top speed. They’re ridden on the roughest terrains with increased maneuverability and grip to overcome the obstacles. At higher speeds, they get unstable.

Factors that Determine the Top Speed of a Dirt Bike?

There’s no accurate explanation to determine the constant speed of a 250cc bike because the average speed of these bikes varies.

But why is that so?

Because certain factors need to be considered while determining the top speed these bikes can attain.

  • Skills of the rider.
  • Torque and Hp (horsepower).
  • Weight.
  • Maintenance of the bike.
  • Type of engine.

1- Skills of the Rider: 

The rider’s skills are the most important aspect determining a bike’s top speed. No matter how powerful the engine is, the rider will not attain top speeds without practice and a proper grasp of the bike’s basic functionality.

2- Torque and Hp (Horse Power):

Torque determines how fast a bike can achieve a higher speed. The higher its value, the faster the bike will attain its maximum speed.

The value of Hp highly influences the speed a bike can achieve. The more power the engine generates, the more speed it will achieve.

3- Weight:

The weight of the rider and bike contributes to the overall weight of the bike, influencing the topmost speed it can achieve.
Typically, the more weight the bike carries, the more complicated it’ll become to achieve higher speeds.

4- Maintenance of the bike:

Maintenance of a dirt bike may involve major things like:

  • Cleaning air filters.
  • Washing the bike.
  • Lubricating the bike’s chain.
  • Correcting tires and adding oil.

 Having scheduled bike maintenance takes a few minutes of effort but can significantly impact the overall bike’s performance.

A well-maintained bike will have a better speed compared to a neglected bike.

5- Type of engine:

There are two types of engines, a 2-stroke engine, and a 4-stroke engine. 

2-stroke engine is smaller and lightweight. It produces more initial power as it takes 2 crankshaft piston rotations to complete one combustion cycle.

4-stroke is heavier and stable with more horsepower. It takes 4 rotations of the crankshaft piston to complete one combustion cycle.

Dirt Bikes Brands and their Top Speed:

1- Yamaha WR250F

Top Speed: 85 mph

Weight: 254 lb

Yamaha WR250F has a 4-stroke4-valve liquid-cooled DOHC engine of 246cc engine capacity. The “WR” stands for Wide-ratio gearbox. Designed for off-roading, it’s a powerful yet competitive bike in the enduro world. 

The lead acid battery generates power for starting the bike as it has an electric starter system and a 2.15 gal fuel capacity. The power generated by this bike is 36.1 HP, with a torque of 17.9 lb-ft at 8,1000 RPM.

2- Kawasaki KX250.

Top speed: 70-85 mph

Weight: 237 lbs

The Kawasaki Kx 250 has a 249cc, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, a slim aluminum frame, and an electric starter engine. It’s lightweight, has hydraulic clutches and excellent suspension, and has a 1.64 gal fuel capacity.

Its lighter weight makes it easy to control and balance on the roughest terrains. It can generate 18 lb-ft of torque and 40 HP power.

3- Honda CRF250X

Top speed: 75-80 mph

Weight: ± 250 lb

Honda CRF250X has a 249cc four-stroke, four-valve, liquid-cooled engine with 6.3 liters fuel capacity. It’s an advanced off-roading version of CRF 250 RX. 

More durable suspension and brakes. It’s considered a better choice for upgrading from a beginner-level bike.

The body is made of an Aluminum frame. The power this bike generates is “30Hp at 9000 rpm” and has a torque of “20.3 lb. ft”.

4- Yamaha YZ250f

Top Speed: 85mph

Weight: 227 lbs

Yamaha YZ 250 f has a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC engine. The Bilateral Aluminum Frame is lightweight that’s easy to balance.

The symmetrical intake and exhaust port improves the RPM. The lithium Ion battery generates power for starting the bike as it has an electric starter engine.

It generates a power of 42.11 Hp at 12,500 RPM and a torque of 19.8 ft-lb and has a 6.2 liters fuel capacity.

5- KTM 250SXF

Top speed: 75-85 mph

Weight: 218 lbs

KTM 250 SX F has a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It has a wet multi-disc clutch and Brembo hydraulic brakes. 

It can generate a power of over 43.8 horsepower at 13,720 RPM and a torque of 20.8 lb ft. at 9130 RPM. It’s an outstanding choice for beginners as well as professional riders. Suitable for rough tracks due to its Central double-cradle-type frame design.


Q1: Is a 250cc dirt bike good for a beginner?

Generally, bikes with lower capacity will have reduced power, weight displacement, and torque.

These factors make it easier and less complicated for a beginner to have control of riding the bike with balance, along with getting hands-on practice.

Q2: What’s the top speed of a 250cc dirt bike in Km/h?

The maximum speed attained by a 250cc dirt bike is around 100 km h- 130 km/h 

However, the top speed varies based on the kind of motorcycle and the engine power.

Q3: How fast is a 250cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

A 2 stroke dirt bike can attain a speed of around 70-85 mph. These engines are lightweight and small, so attaining higher speed in less time is easy.

The Husqvarna TE 250, 2 strokes, can reach a max speed of 79 mph or 137 km/h.

Q4: How fast is a 250cc 4-stroke dirt bike?

A 4-stroke dirt bike can reach a speed of 75-85 mph. Its engine is heavy and generates more horsepower, that’s ideal for longer tracks. It maintains higher speeds for a longer duration of time.

The Yamaha WR 250 F, a four-stroke bike, has a top speed of 75 mph and above.

The Wrap-Up:

With the above specifications, a 250cc dirt bike’s topmost speed is 60-85 mph or 96-130 km/h. However, the value can vary according to certain conditions. These factors are in its engine, body, fuel you load, and the riding conditions, along with the rider’s experience that may affect the top speed of a 250cc dirt bike.

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