Revealing All Facts About How Fast Is a 450cc Dirt Bike

Built and designed specifically to maintain high speeds over an extended period, dirt bikes are not for paved and smooth roads. They are created for high-speed off-roading while sustaining the best type of power, control, and acceleration over rocky and muddy terrains.

Meant to provide good suspension with an accelerated speed, dirt bikes have become the best endangerment companion for thrill lovers. However, the acceleration of a 450cc dirt bike depends on various factors like the bike’s quality and brand, the rider’s and bike’s weight, and the terrain. 

The best riders prefer comfort, and warp speeders would instead go for a bike with unmatched, lightning-bolt speed. Therefore, a 450cc dirt bike with its explosive speed and quick off-the-mark response make them the top dirt bike of all time. With a top speed of up to 110 miles per hour or 175 km per hour, you will enjoy exploring things at their best.

How Fast is A 450cc Dirt Bike | Let’s find its Specs

Certain features play their role in determining the rate and capability of the fastest dirt bikes. These features improve your dirt bike’s overall specs and performance, ensuring faster speeds and better usability.


The speed of a dirt bike is determined by the most fundamental aspect, the number of strokes. A 2-stroke dirt bike comprises a smaller engine and is more manageable than a 4-stroke bike. However, the choice of strokes also depends upon the riding style of a biker.

Regarding speed, two-stroke engines are faster, but four-stroke engines aren’t. If you expect a light, uncompromised top speed, you prefer dirt bikes with two-stroke engines. However, the 450cc dirt bikes are mostly four-stroke as they’re big and bulky.

Engine (Power & Stroke)

The 450cc dirt bikes come with unarguably powerful engines that deliver a horsepower of up to 52 HP and torque of 32 lbs-ft.

Although the 450cc dirt bikes do not offer a 2-stroke engine, a brief comparison of a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is below.

Lighter Dirt bikes with 85cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc engines come in 2 strokes!

2-strokes Vs 4-stroke speed 

Bikes with 2-stroke engines comprise hard-hitting power bands, with their engines being lighter, faster, and easy to assemble. However, these bikes require the pre-mixing of oil and fuel with more regular gear changes. They might require regular maintenance.

The 4-stroke bikes, on the other hand, are more durable with complex designs and deliver easily manageable and steady power output. A 4-stroke engine comprises more parts making it easier to manage the braking and shifting of bikes.

If a 450cc dirt bike with a four-stroke engine provides you with 175 km/h top speed, a two-stroke engine with the same CC machine can supposedly give up to 220 km/h top speed.

Weight & Torque

With their lightweight aluminum components and small frames, dirt bikes weigh lighter than other motorcycles. Below is a complete chart demonstrating the weight and torque of the top 5 dirt bikes. 

Brand Weight  Torque in lbs–feet
Suzuki RM-Z450 241lbs 34.85 lbs-ft
Kawasaki KX450 233lbs 34.85 lbs-ft
KTM 450SXF 223lbs 35.79 lbs-ft
Yamaha YZ450F 238lbs 34.30 lbs-ft
Honda CRF450 238lbs 36.25 lbs-ft

 Riding Terrain 

Another factor determining the speed of a 450cc dirt bike is riding terrain. The less aggressive the road is the higher will be the speed of a dirt bike.

How many gears does a 450 dirt bike have?

The dirt bike gears are placed along the transmission to deliver different ratios between the drivetrain’s input and the engine’s output. These gears allow the variation in speed. Generally, a 4-stroke 450cc dirt bike comes with four gears, while some are also available in 5 or 6 gears.

In a 450cc dirt bike with 4 or 5 gears,

  • The first gear is used for low-speed operations such as starting.
  • The second gear allows slower speed.
  • The third gear is used to go faster.
  • The fourth gear is used in rare circumstances by experienced riders who know how to handle a bike in high gear.
  • Similarly, it’s the wildest gear with the top speed on most dirt bikes! Do not try this in town.

How much does a 450cc dirt bike cost?

There needs to be more than just knowing enough about the best 450cc dirt bike, especially when one decides to dabble in the thrilling and adventurous hobby of motor crossing. Therefore along with the significant features a dirt bike comprises, it is also essential to know which one is the best 450cc dirt bike to acquire and how much it will cost.

Where 125 cc dirt bikes are for beginners and 250cc dirt bikes are for intermediate riders, the 450cc dirt bikes are the hunky machines designed to level up the riding experience of advanced players. And that’s why they might cost a fortune. Here are the top three 450cc dirt bikes with their features and cost.

Brand Engine Power Exceptional Features Cost
Kawasaki KX450 4-stroke Comprises rear back rotor and new front brake master cylinder $9,399
Yamaha YZ450F 4-stroke Offers maximum control and traction $9,299
GasGas MC450F 4-stroke Offers better suspension $9,399

How to Improve 450cc dirt bike speed 

Along with the brand, age, and condition, certain aspects affect the performance and speed of a dirt bike. Therefore, to make a dirt bike suitable for riding at high speeds, one must consider the following aspects and their aftermaths on the bike’s speed.

Gear ratio

The change in gear ratio determines the difference in the speed of the dirt bike. To accelerate the speed, the rider must adjust the bike’s setup accordingly. 

This means that the bike’s speed is increased or decreased by the change in gear ratio. To achieve a faster speed, adjust the front or rear sprocket accordingly. The speed acceleration setup includes the front sprocket, which is smaller than average, and a rear sprocket which is more significant than usual.

Improve skills

Becoming an experienced rider requires a lot of hard work and practice under various conditions and multiple tracks and locations. Just learning and buying an expensive bike is not enough to accomplish one’s goal of being the best rider. Therefore, riders need to improve their drive and ability to be at the top of the list.

Quality aftermarket parts

Replacing the bike’s frame with better and lightweight material helps to improve its speed and deliverance. Using aluminum or titanium frames instead of steel frames gives the bike’s light a better feel.

You can also switch the nuts and bolts with lightweight frames and modify the heavy steel exhaust system using the light titanium exhaust system.

Sufficient weight

Although the bike’s speed is not associated with its weight, the engine delivers more power to ride the bike at a higher speed. Yet, riders consider the bike’s weight a factor in improving speed. However, the 450cc bike’s engine is powerful enough to acquire the maximum speed.

The rider’s weight, contrary to this, does have an impact on the bike’s speed. The lighter the rider will be, more will be the more speed and fun.

Improved fuel quality

The fuel types between 87-octane and 92-octane are considered the best for dirt bikes. The premium fuel has higher resistance against the engine locks in luxury and performance, allowing it to hit the speed smoothly.

Scheduled maintenance

Regular maintenance of chain oil, tire placement, and standard air filter replacement will not increase the longevity of the bike but will also help with the increase in speed.

Best 450cc dirt bikes with their top speed

Below are the speediest and best 450cc dirt bikes according to the brand, engine type, power, engine strokes, and various other features they serve. The top 450cc dirt bikes, according to rider’s recommendations, are below.

Brand Engine  Speed Horse Power HP
KTM 450 SX-F 4-stroke 75-85mph 59.85 HP
Honda  4-stroke  90 mph 53.5 HP
Kawasaki KX 450F 4-stroke 87 mph 52HP
Husqvarna FC450 4-stroke 89 mph 56.4 HP
Beta 450 RS 4-stroke 100mph 55.0 HP
Suzuki RM-Z450 4-stroke 75 mph 50.3 HP
Yamaha YZ450F 4-stroke 80 mph 52.8 HP

FAQs about How Fast is a 450cc Dirt Bike

  • How fast is 450cc in kmh & mph?

The average speed of a 450cc dirt bike is 87mph, while the highest speed is 258 km or 120 mph. The average maximum speed of a 450cc dirt bike is 80-110mph.

  • How fast is a 450cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

There are 450cc 2-strokes bikes from the 70s and 80s. However, no new 450cc 2-strokes dirt bikes are available in the market.

  • How heavy is a 450 dirt bike?

450cc bikes have a wider build to accommodate the more significant engines, and the Kawasaki KLX 300 R is the heaviest dirt bike with 282lb weight.

  • How fast is a Yamaha YZF 450?

With its 450cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine and titanium valves, the Yamaha YZF 450 is the most powerful bike offering 53HP and 33 lb-ft of torque.

  • Should a beginner get a 450 dirt bike?

Beginners with experience should only buy an affordable, powerful 450 cc dirt bike. And instead, they must go for a 125cc first.

  • Is a 450cc dirt bike too big?

A 450cc dirt bike offers intimidating power and a comprehensive build to make room for a bigger 4-stroke engine. These bikes are bigger for novice riders.

  • How much is a YZF 450 worth?

The base price of YZF 450 is $9,399, while its average retail price is $8,685. With the reduction of 2.3 kgs in 2023, the current weight of YZ450F is 109 kgs.

What is the lightest 450 dirt bike?

With its 233 lbs curb weight, including all fluids, the KTM 450 SXF  is considered the lightest of the 450 dirt bikes.

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