What Determines How Fast a 70cc Dirt Bike Can Go

Kids looking for a high-octane experience can kick start with a 70cc dirt bike on a high note. They are often asked how fast a 70cc dirt bike is, like my cousin’s son Charlie who just turned 10 last week.

A 70cc dirt bike is a smaller gas-powered dirt bike, remarkably swift and faster than a 50cc dirt bike, with a top speed of around 35-45 to 50 mph. It’s not a considerable upgrade compared to a 50cc, but rather a slightly better start.

Average Top Speeds of 70cc Dirt Bikes 

The average speed of a 70cc dirt bike is around 35-45 mph, but it is possible to touch 50mph in certain conditions & models. A 70cc engine is small & lightweight, making it faster & effortless for riders of any age.

70cc engines typically have 3.5 to 7.5HP. Increasing the HP increases its engine power and speed but not in every case. Because the rider’s weight, experience & terrain decisively play in touching 50mph on a 70cc dirt bike.

How Fast Does a 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

Again, it depends upon the rider’s technique and the smoothness of the terrain. A small 70cc dirt bike with better engine displacement and remarkable acceleration starts from 0 and can go up to 30 mph.

However, these bikes attain explosive acceleration on flat and smooth terrain and can go up to 50mph. The factors that affect the speed of a dirt bike include the bike’s model, engine type, horsepower, torque, etc.

Technical & Speed Comparison of Best 70cc Dirt Bikes

Model Weight Engine Stroke Engine Type HP Torque Top Speed
Honda CRF70F 128lbs 4-stroke 72cc 5.03hp 5 Nm (0.51 kg-m) @ 3500 rpm 38 mph
Coleman 70DX 150 lbs 4-stroke 72cc 7.8hp 4.5N.m/8500RPM 25 mph
Coolster 70cc 127lbs 4-stroke 72CC Single cylinder, 3.5hp

4.5N.m/6,000RPM 30 mph
X-Pro 70cc 88lbs 4-stroke 70cc 5.44 hp 5.0N.m/5500 rpm 30 mph

How Fast Does a Honda 70cc Go?

With a fuel capacity of 1.3 gallons and a 72cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, the Honda 70cc dirt bike’s top speed is 38 mph.
Introduced in 2004, the Honda CRF70F with its automatic clutch, three-speed transmission, user-friendly and great ergonomics, is a dream bike for kids and teenagers passionate about dirt bikes.
It is a two-tone, durable, dependable dirt bike with upgraded and refreshed graphics for kids.

What age is a 70cc dirt bike for?  

A 70cc dirt bike is suitable for kids ages eight to eleven. These bikes are more powerful than 50cc dirt bikes & ensure more speed.

Parents looking to buy a dirt bike for their kids must first understand that there are two types of dirt bikes: motocross and trail bikes.

The motocross bikes are designed for racing, and trail bikes are manufactured for riding on trails and off-road terrains.

Motocross bikes are smaller and lighter & are best for kids who love to race. In contrast, riding across the neighborhood will be easier on trail bikes which are larger, heavier, and built to enable durability.

Factors That Affect the Speed of a 70cc Dirt Bike 

1: Engine Type

The difference in engine type is a determining factor that affects a bike’s speed accordingly.

  • 2-stroke engine

A 70cc dirt bike equipped with a 2-stroke engine renders two cycles per revolution of the crankshaft. Due to quick acceleration and a high power-to-weight ratio, these bikes go up from 0-30 mph and on smooth terrain, attaining a top speed of 45-50 mph.

  • 4-stroke engine

A 4-stroke 70cc dirt bike engine offers smooth power, quick speed, and sharp turns on the trails. Bikes with these engines are bulky and fuel-efficient but slower than any 2-stroke model.

2: Engine Size

An engine’s larger CC (Cubic Centimetres) drives more horsepower potential. Riders who preferred sticking to the same type of engine for the same type of bikes have better acceleration due to the correlation between hp and speed. 70cc is among smaller engines. Hence you get a bit of limited speed.

3: HorsePower 

Although the higher the horsepower, the greater the speed of a 70cc dirt bike. However, certain other factors like suspension, weight, and tire traction also impact the speed of a bike. The best 70cc dirt bikes in the market may have an average of 3.5 to 5 HP and potentially 7HP.

4: Fuel quality 

The quality of fuel affects the efficiency and performance of a dirt bike. Poor quality and contaminated fuel will damage the bike’s engine, reducing acceleration and slower speed.
Prefer high octane fuel grades with a mixture of oil for a good & healthy dirt bike for trail dirt bikes or any solid engine.

5: Tire-type

Quality tires with good traction and grip help riders maintain better control and stability over rough terrain. Poor-quality tires will reduce the bike’s speed and traction and instead increase the chances of an accident. Not just that, it indirectly damages your engine.

6: Throttle

The throttle determines the bike’s speed potential. A jammed, tight, or wrongly adjusted throttle will prevent the bike from achieving its maximum speed.

7: Technical Factors

  • Air filter

It is crucial to keep the air filters clean for optimal performance. Although the latest technologies have lessened the impact of air filters on TPI machines, negligence will decrease the engine’s power and performance.

  • Carburetor

It is responsible for mixing air with the incoming fuel and uses the pressure created by the airflow to pull fuel from the float bowl. It then mixes this fuel with the air. Carburetor ensures the ideal fuel-to-air ratio to provide the necessary energy for the bike to perform its best.

8: Other factors

Other common factors affecting the speed are:

  • Riders’ weight

The heavier the rider is, the slower the bike will be, making it harder to attain the maximum speed. Similarly, the heavier the bike is, the slower it will be unless the engine pushes it hard. So, if you put a lot of load on your 70cc, chances are your bike will be significantly slower.

  • Rider’s experience

Experienced riders are skilled enough to handle and push the bike to the limits. Therefore they can achieve higher speeds. In contrast, inexperienced riders lead to slower speeds and should not hit the needle. Even if you do, make sure to wear everything for safety.

  • Bike’s condition

A well-maintained, regularly cleaned oil and air filter changes and properly inflated tire help to perform better and achieve higher speed.

9: Terrain

Rough terrains with bumps and ruts will reduce the rider’s speed, especially for novice ones. The speed can be improved on difficult terrains by improving the technique and riding skills on rough terrain. Trail bikes work best on off-road and rough terrains.

The Fastest & Best 70cc dirt bikes

Coolster 70cc

Comprising the notable feature yet being affordable, this bike is a great option for kids. The Coolster 70cc includes a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine and can go up to 30 mph.


  • Premium quality disc brake
  • Reliable and stable tires
  • Offers semi-automatic gearbox


  • Poor-quality dirt bike plastics

X-Pro 70cc

A great dirt bike for children 7-11 years old. Parents and kids love this bike’s modern, lightweight, and impressive design. It comprises a 4-stroke engine and produces 5.3 horsepower making it go up to 30 mph.


  • 88 lbs lightweight bike is suitable for kids 
  • Offers a relatively higher speed of 30 mph
  • Toothless polypropylene-protected fenders and body


  • Safety features are not the greatest


How To Make 70cc Dirt Bike Faster

Here are some modifications you can try to make your 70cc dirt bike faster:

  • Use a perfect size tire:

 A perfect size of tire will get you a perfect speed. To go faster, consider increasing the size of your bike’s tire, like the diameter of the rim. While to increase acceleration or torque, drop the size of the tire.

  • Change sprockets regularly:

Change your bike’s sprockets and chain regularly. For a continuous faster ride, change sprockets after a certain time. Using larger sprockets with more teeth results in higher speed.

  • Add a set of hand-guards

A set of hand-guards or bike busters will add extra speed for an adventurous ride. When riding through wooded areas, hand-guards protect against debris and prevent damage to essential bike components, making your ride faster.

  • Upgrade the exhaust system: 

Swapping the stock exhaust system with a high-performance exhaust can increase the bike’s power output, resulting in higher speeds.

  • Use steering dampers:

Use steering dampers to keep the bike’s handle steady. By stabilizing the bike’s handles, you can reduce the arm pump, making the grip more comfortable and potentially increasing the bike’s speed.

  • Enhance the airflow:

Adding a quality air filter to the bike helps the engine to produce more power. Cleaning your bike’s air filter after every ride removes additional dust and clears the air passage.

Bonus maintenance tips for 70cc Dirt Bikes:

  • Upgrade your bike’s exhaust muffler to increase the airflow. 
  • Replace factory clutches with race-specific clutches to spike the acceleration.
  • Remove unnecessary accessories to reduce extra weight.
  • Use high-octane fuel to provide more power.
  • Regular maintenance is key to enhancing performance. Also, read the bike’s manual thoroughly to tune up your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions | How Fast is a 70cc Dirt Bike

  • How fast does a 70cc Apollo dirt bike go?

Depending upon the terrain, rider’s weight, and road conditions, the 70cc Apollo dirt bike with its 4-stroke engine and 6.5hp can go up to 37 mph.

  • How fast can a 70cc mini bike go?

The top speed of a 70cc mini bike is 36 mph. The Coolster 70cc mini comprises an air-cooled, 70cc, 4-stroke engine to attain a maximum speed of 36mph.

  • What is the Fuel Average of a 70cc Dirt Bike?

The fuel average of a 70cc dirt bike varies depending upon the bike’s age, maintenance, and road conditions and is around 25-30 m/l. The mileage of the Honda CRF70F is 30m/l

  • How Fast is an SSR70cc Dirt Bike?

With its 125 lbs weight and 200 lbs capacity, the SSR70 can reach 30 mph.

  • How Much is a 70cc Dirt Bike?

The price of the Coolster 70cc kids bike is $699, while that of the HHH Apollo AGB 21k is $729. The price of the 2007 released Honda CRF70F is $1,649.


70cc dirt bikes offer thrilling riding experiences for kids and riders. With a top speed of 35-50 mph, these 70cc dirt bikes are great for safe riding within recommended speed limits. Therefore, whether a beginner or seasoned rider who loves to have fun riding and wheelies, a 70cc dirt bike is a perfect choice.

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