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Jumping a dirt bike may look scary for faint hearted and beginner riders, but it is one of the most amazing things a dirt biker can do on his machine. Things may look quite difficult and challenging at the start, but if you have an idea of how to wheelie a dirt bike, How to Jump A Dirt Bike would become a little less difficult.

Besides its enjoyability and fun nature, this could be dangerous too if you don’t learn, initiate, process and land it properly or nicely. But this takes some effort and practice. Everything has a start and your jump should too but it should be a smaller yet near perfection which obviously needs energy and effort.

You need to make sure of the safe landing zone, then roll over with slow speed, complete gear, and control most importantly. Because, if you are having everything nicely, but lack control, you lack everything which is ultimately going to lead to an accident and an injury.

For a perfect dirt bike jump, there are a lot of things you need to focus on, be it pre-jump, during the jump, or post-jump. If you are afraid of heights or you are afraid of losing focus right in the middle, you should better skip this guide and jump as well. Because it is one of the risky and deadliest things.

Step by Step Guide on How To Jump A Dirt Bike Like A Pro Rider

Alright so, we on this blog follow and endorse a policy of “safety first”. So, we’ll recall it this time too. You first need to ensure that you are having complete or ample riding gear to stay safe as much as you can. Make sure you are wearing a chest protector, at least a DOT helmet, neck braces, gloves, and boots and everything is just fine to wear and works too. So, that’s what you need to look at first of all.

The Next thing:

Is to find a proper space, an area where you can start doing things. Find a nice place where some tracks are available. You can carry your dirt bike ramp for jumping too, but we’ll come to this later. Anyways, whatever you carry, what you need to do is; just watch other riders with focus and see how they’re doing this.

Of course, if you’ve headed towards a proper track, you will see riders doing wheelies and jumps. Just stand on a side to see and then ask them how they are doing this once they get back to the ground. Don’t worry, if you are unable to ask a rider, we are here and we’ll let you know everything in detail with a demo too!

How To Make A Dirt Bike Jump

Before getting into a jump, you first need to know the jump itself. How to initiate that, how it works, and things like that. A jump is possible at a sloppy area and you need to know how steep it is that, and how sharp it’s going to be. Start with smaller slopes that aren’t too sharp or steep.

Other than its jump face, you also need to know what’s on the other side. If there’s anything problematic, you need to be prepared to handle that. But at the start, the front of your jump face should be clear so you can land safely with very little to no risk of getting trapped. Avoid tracks with bushes, trees, lumber, glass, and tons of sand or metal in the landing area as you are just starting out.

Don’t look for a complete track. Instead, just a slightly little elevated surface will help you build a nice jump for your dirt bike.

Now let’s practically jump into how to jump dirt bikes so you can carry things out!

Initiate the Jump, Get on Track

Before actually jumping your bike, you need to start and move your bike along at a nice speed. It shouldn’t be too slow and must not be too fast. Never go full throttle right in the start, you will definitely lose control. Instead, start off gradually, slowly increase your speed and focus more on control and stability.

If your jump line is long, you can change your gear too but never change your gear when you are getting very close to it. Start your bike, move it till the first two gears to get enough momentum, then get into 3rd gear when you are about to initiate your jump. You can do that in the fourth gear too, but 3rd is more convenient. So, here, the momentum and the right speed is the key to starting a jump.

Get into a Position & Maintain It:

Most people may not consider this as an important thing in the beginning, but it is actually very important. See, as soon as you hit the ramp with the right momentum, everything stays under your control. But the actual control you need to have is when you are in the air. Both your body and bike have weight and it will definitely roll your bike back before you hit the ground.

Instead of jumping from your bike, what you should do is; stand on your knees and push yourself forward towards the handlebar so you can get some control. It will provide an amazing balance to you and the bike when it’s out there in the air. Now, just don’t put all your weight on your front, the handlebar, as it might flip you in the forward position and you’re likely to land on your front wheel. Not a very good practice, to be very honest as you can lose control when you land.

Now, getting a balance isn’t the only reason why you should stand and put yourself forward while jumping out. There’s another reason too. If you are sitting on your bike or you still manage to land, you are likely to get a shock in your rear and especially the spine which may lead to an injury if the jump was high. Otherwise, if you sit while jumping, make sure to stand up right before you land.

Make sure to keep your wrists straight and your arms not so outside your shoulder’s width. This way, you can mark your arms and wrists safe when you land as these joints might get serious shocks and get injured as you are pulling your handlebars as well. In any case, you should try to land on your rear wheel and then lean ahead to put the front wheel and the rest of the bike on the earth.

Important Tips:

  • Never try to land on both wheels as you will surely hit an accident. Unless there is a downhill slope when landing, you should better avoid landing on both wheels.
  • Try to maintain a center of your entire machine so you can land nicely. Sit in the center, and never put yourself aside, otherwise, you are likely to lose control meanwhile.
  • Make sure you are landing safely and there’s nobody coming from the opposite direction otherwise there’s always a risk of an accident. Also, don’t jump too high.
  • You can get dirt bike ramps for jumping as they are easy to incorporate in order, to begin with, your jumping journey. You can check these ramps and see which one suits you better. It is a good way to start and build both the jump and confidence.

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